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Our Approach

Every project whether it is large or small must start with a personal approach. One that takes the time to understand your needs and expectations. Advantage can only be gained if it is seen as generating real value and difference. Your profit is tangible evidence of this!

We take the time to really understand your current supply base, who supplies you, what with and how much quantity. We then assess the prices and terms that you currently have.

Our aim is to bring you and your supplier base together and to create much closer bonds between your wholesalers, local suppliers and service providers all with the aim of reducing cost and improving efficiencies. (where ever possible (take out)).

We may recommend a full tender, or a negotiated route or simply be honest and tell you that your deal is good one. Either way feedback will be the food of our motivation.

Once we have demonstrated the significant savings we have generated we will work with you on the implementation and administration processes. We will work with your front line teams to ensure that they understand the changes, why they have been made and what benefits there are to them.

We continue to support through the changes and will always come back to make sure that what you expected is what happened and that you are satisfied with what has been done.

Saving businesses time and money on essential spend

About Us

With over 60 years of experience in food service and retail businesses we have developed a detailed understanding of products, service and quality. Having worked in both branded and independent sectors we can really add value to your business.


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